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liters of water are used in the wet processing for low-iron-content ore

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At least


liters of water were consumed with iron ore mining in Brazil in 2016

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Our innovative technology uses


liters of water for processing ore

Innovative solutions that provide environmental benefits

Our absolute respect to the environment is mainly materialized with the development of a mineral beneficiation that spares water resources, which is so scanty in this crisis time. The material from tailings and low-content raw ores is exploited in order to cause the lowest environmental impact as possible, discarding the use of water and providing a higher mass and metallurgical recovery.


Without dams, with a minimum environmental impact

The success of New Steels's commercial operation enables us to ensure that the next production units will have a minimum environmental impact in their implantation. The goals are to promote a rational use of natural resources, to recover tailings that can present environmental risk in case of accidents in dams or stacks, and to friendly interact with the surrounding environment.

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Focus on Quality: Reduction in CO2

Direct reduction mineral

For us, sustainability is in our DNA, mainly materialized by the development of fully dry mineral beneficiation route, able to transform minerals in a commercially superior product, which can achieve iron contents above 68%, which become inputs to the direct reduction process in order to obtain steel. This process discards the use of mineral coal, so reducing the CO2 emission in 2/3, among other associated impacts.

Direct reduction mineral


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In 2015, countries have had the opportunity to adopt the new sustainable development agenda and reach a global agreement on climate change. This has resulted in the new Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). New Steel technology contributes to the 5 SDGs listed below:

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Drinking Water and Sanitation - Water is a strategic issue for New Steel, as we have developed an unprecedented technology for iron ore tailing processing fully dry, opposite direction of the model adopted by mining companies around the world.

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Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure - With innovation, we seek solutions that positively impact society. And with our technology, waste from the processing of iron ore, basically silica (sand), can be used in particular in civil construction.

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Responsible Consumption and Production - We have implemented actions that ensure eco-efficiency of operations, minimizing environmental impacts. The responsible production is materialized in the reuse of low-grade iron ore (disposed of in conventional processes), in addition to the other items described.

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Action against climate change - We have obtained a product with a high iron content, allowing direct reduction pelletizing, which exempts the use of coal for steel production, reducing CO2 emissions. For ore drying, we use natural gas or biomass, with a clean combustion.

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Life on Land - The area to set up an industrial plant of New Steel is 90% less than the space required by conventional methods, since we do not need piles and dams to dispose of tailings, with significantly less intervention in the ecosystem.

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We provide services and development of technologies for sustainably ore and waste processing

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