Sustainable technology with high return

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Acting fields

Our general strategy is providing services and developing technologies to sustainably process ore and waste, always adding value with innovative solutions. Thus, we ensure attractive return rates for the project together with business practices based on long-term contracts with strategic partners.

Input Inicial



Iron ore






Very lower environmental impact when compared to wet processes and smaller footprint for installing processing plants.

* Results from opportunity ores discarded by miners in the Quadrilátero Ferrífero region, Brazil. Mass recovery – 60%
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Business model

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Model 1

Installation of industrial plants in the customer

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Model 2

Unprecedented synergistic operational model

Our business model is represented by the beneficiation of several iron ores, which can be also sterile, ROM (run of mine), or from tailing dams, deposited or not in stacks. Therefore, the investment in capital goods (Capex) and the costs needed to maintain and operate the system are defined in common agreement among the parties, with a growth plan based on long-term contracts, with very attractive investment return rates, so minimizing the market risks.

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Other ores

The technology developed by New Steel showed to be innovative, not only by the dry method, but also by its versatility, due to being also provenly efficient and applicable to other ore types, ongoing projects, and advanced projects related to the dry processing of metals classified in the platinoid group (PGM – platinum group metals), as well as nickel, chrome, and silica, attributing a significant value to the world ore reserves unexplored until now.

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