Centro Tecnológico de Soluções Sustentáveis

A house of innovations that transforms the world

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Commitment with the future

Thinking about innovation, New Steel created the CTSS (Centro Tecnológico de Soluções Sustentáveis S.A.), looking for new solutions that can positively impact on our activities and mainly on our society.

CTSS is a full subsidiary destined to scientific and technological development of sustainable products and services in the mineral, metallurgical, mechanical, and solid waste fields.

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Projects for continuous improvement in dry magnetic separation

Know and follow some actions developed by our Centro Tecnológico de Soluções Sustentáveis

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Microwave Project

Projects aiming to reduce operational costs

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Nickel and Platinoids

PGM – Platinum Group Metals

Opportunity for innovative talents

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Know more about New Steel and be a part of an innovative, challenging, and sustainable environment.

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