New Steel is an iron ore processing company, who developed a new dry processing technology. Differently from the traditional existing processing technologies – that utilizes at least one thousand liters of water to process one ton of ore – this innovation allows an extraordinary iron ore recovery at competitive costs while mitigating environmental impact.

This new processing technique – which patent was recognized in Brazil by the Instituto Nacional de Propriedade Industrial (INPI), United States, Australia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Russia and Others (Members of EAPO), Canada, Mexico, Ukraine, Mongolia and Argentina – is capable of transforming the mineral exploration waste which has a low iron content into an economically viable product resulting in a high iron ore content and a minimum of contaminants.

Denominated as Fines Dry Magnetic Separation (FDMS), the technology uses a dry magnetic separation. The process was originally initiated in 2010 in Rio Piracicaba, Minas Gerais, the company’s first operating plant. The results showed the competitiveness in terms of product quality and operation costs. The process success was verified by big players of the mineral market in Brazil and in the world due to the products high quality in the transoceanic market.

New Steel, previously named Steel Mineração e Exportação Ltda, was created in 2007 as a mineral exploration company. In 2010 the company changed its strategic focus and started to offer sustainable solutions in processing iron ore.

New Steel’s current business model consists in building and operating industrial processing plants in its own areas or third parties, sharing the results obtained.

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