General Assembly

General Assembly


Each share represents 1 (one) vote in the deliberations of the General Assembly.

Duties of the General Assembly

a) In general, during the first four months following the fiscal year, the duties of the G.A. are to:

(I) receive the accounts of managers and discuss and vote on financial statements;

(II) appoint the Board of Directors in due time and also the Statutory Audit Committee, where necessary;

(III) discuss the destination of net profit during the fiscal year, if existing and the distribution of dividends, if applicable;

(IV) determine the remuneration of management.

b) On extraordinary occasions, to deliberate on the leasing, transfer or negotiation of any trademark, patent and/or know-how of the Company, by any means, to a third party, and whenever the social interests of the Company require or advise the manifestation of shareholders.

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